The massive majority of their Fortnite items buy players


Not really, the massive majority of their Fortnite items buy players are completely casual. They’ll be just fine.

Exactly. Keeping it interesting for casuals is more profitable than keeping it balanced for the pro scene.

Yup. Keeping casual players content is what pays the bills. And as long as Epic is willing to put up prize money, there will always be players willing to play the game full time to compete, which creates more exposure and attracts more casual players.

Pro League of Legends players have been shitting on the balance team for a decade now and nothing changes so good luck to the Fortnite guys. At the very least Fortnite has real competition to maybe motivate them to listen to players.

Currently right now league pros and analysts like the fortnite weapons meta. There will always be good and bad metas.

Balance team has been much improved so far this year. They had a turnover of people leaving (or getting fired) and bringing new people in and you can definitely tell it was for the better.

IMO playing the game for 7-8 years you can't please everyone when balancing. Last year their was a shitstorm cause ADCs sucked and people like Tyler1 complained and his fans followed his ideals but literally all other lanes were enjoying the meta. When Ardent censor was OP ADC's loved it but everyone else hate it. People saying "fix the game" are mostly people who moved on from league, just echoing what streamers are saying or have nostalgia goggles on.

Right? There hasn't really been anyone who is super broken. I always think back to weedwick and skarner when he first got reworked, we haven't had anything on that level in a while.

Tbh comparing a shooter and moba doesn't really work. Even in the worst history of league's balance sucking cock there were around 20 champions viable competitively so there's still some variety, meanwhile if you fuck up the balance in a shooter then congratulations, you have a game where everyone uses one of 2/3 weapons and those that don't - lose.